Sunday Services
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Teaching Themes
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Back in September 2014 we took a blank sheet of paper and rewrote our regular monthly pattern of Sunday services and events.
What we wanted was to be able to offer a range of stlyes and types of gatherings, so that there might be something going on Sundays through the month that offered everyone a comfortable 'entry level'.
As you'll see, we still have those 'regular' things you'd expect - Communion and regular worship - but these are supplemented by other, more informal things.
Messy Church happens every month at a regular time, as does our monthly 'family' service which we call 'All In'.
Check out our full present monthly pattern on the 'Sundays'  page.
Each term we major on a particular theme for many of our Sunday teaching slots at church.
Our team of people involved in preaching meet together to pray and thrash round a whole load of ideas in terms of where we think God might be guiding us towards what ought to be our main thrust for teaching and preaching for the term ahead.
Not every Sunday in the term will have what we call a 'meaty preach', but maybe 10 or 12 will, and we highlight these as our 'major' teaching and preaching opportunities and publish that term's schedule as soon as we have worked out what it looks like.
Paul, our Vicar, preaches more of these sermons than anyone else (but after all, that's why he's here!) and the others will be delivered by Les Bingham (our Reader), Gerald Hovenden and Philip Dennison (retired clergy who are part of the Christ Church family).
In Lent we're presenting a series on 'The Servant', much of which will be based on the book of Isaiah. See above for the schedule!
Midweek Groups
We Connect
Small Groups were recently described by someone here as 'The pulse of the church'.
It's a really helpful description - it's where the real business of 'growing relationships' has a chance to happen, and where we can begin to truly relate with a handful of people all of whom are somewhere on this journey of life and faith, and trying to make sense of it as we move along together.
We currently have 6 Small Groups, meeting at different times of the day, Mondays to Thursdays inclusive, so we hope that might cater for everyone who wants to be part of a Small Group.
Each Small Group is free to have a life of its own, but there are a few foundational principles that we seek apply to all of them. these are to do with health, growth, trust, confidentiality, respect and love.
Ask about being part of a Small Group if you're not already part of one.