Growing Good Review - typed up

Thanks to

. . . Les for leading the review and

. . . Kirsty for scribing and

. . . all who took part

Please review the list and consider how we could use the list to ensure that God might be glorified in our church and locale


Get in touch with other churches near by

More visible in e.g. schools allotments summer fairs

Be aware of need close by

Signage are we visible enough

Uniformed organisations (leadership, badge work)

Interactions with people who come into buildings/grounds

Eco church

250 people entering church over a month -playgroup, art society, uniformed organisations, slimming world

What are we involved with in the community? How can we join in with what others are doing?

Does the building look inviting?

On line?

Work with Community Centre, Field Court

Put our activities on a newsletter other noticeboards

Something to give new people in the community something to read. Welcome pack


Longest running organisations - playgroup, uniformed organisations

We have been, and are, in it for a long time

Coffee shop, Elevenses, Toddlers

Do things with playgroup etc

Building links with school

Building relationships with families

Investing in people for the long term

Go into groups - lead on particular skills - get known by them


Building 2 way relationships

Motive for extending hospitality

Coffee shop


What is a friendly welcome?

Welcome team, listening, engaging

Shared meals, home group socials

Quiz night

Mix with other churches

Different age groups need different things

Carols on the Lawn

Harvest suppers again

Ask (uniformed organisations) for help

Service in allotments

16 areas where hospitality is offered

Invite someone to a shared lunch

Meals with food from different cultures


Include different ages cultures etc

Lead prayers groups families

Services at different times

Celebrate children's work

Space for testimonies

Family services

Parade services

Know your area - isolated?

Children's shoe boxes

Links with Besom

Look at other churches - what are they doing - can we join in

Instigate a gardening group

On line services

How can we adapt to going out into community?


Encourage all to take part

Building something else into social activities

Belonging THEN believing

Help people to belong - to feel part of it

Facilities to offer - using our spaces

ASK people and ENCOURAGE them

Gifts do we know what they are? and use them

Singing/music group

Leadership of church groups needs to be christian


Inviting others

Family service - for whole family

list ends!


From the Growing Good Website . . .

The Growing Good Toolkit is a FREE six session course helping churches explore the connection between social action, discipleship and growth. Through reflection discussion, film and pray

We explore how our churches can be faithful and fruitful in our local communities.

For Christ Church

Many of us in Home Groups have been exploring the "Growing Good" course during Lent.

This is an opportunity to share what we’ve learnt and discuss what aspects are relevant to Christ Church.

Come and hear what different groups learned from the course.

Even if are not in a group or you have not done the course everyone will be welcome

In church

5.30 refreshments 6.00 start. (you missed it - it was on 8th May 2022)