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Initial Ukraine Round Up


If you want to help Ukraine . . .

1. Give money

2. Send supplies

3. Host refugee(s)

4. Help with welcoming

5. Pray

Give money

We're already sending money to DEC from church funds, special Sunday collections and Coffee shop takings in Lent

DEC seem to be preferred - they can buy what's necessary in the most cost-effective way

May be local need to help with accommodation costs

Send supplies

Controversial but If you have contacts and specific needs then this is an option

There may be opportunities to contribute locally.

  • York Baptist church are putting together packs of essentials

  • Maybe affluent York can support poorer towns

Hosting UA refugee(s)

Quick version

Sign up with

Gov scheme Homes for Ukraine: record your interest - GOV.UK (

And Support for Ukrainian People (


Labyrinthine links - could be lost for hours

Ukrainians coming to UK need a Visa

UK government has two schemes

For Ukrainians with family (not relevant for most of us!)

Apply for a Ukraine Family Scheme visa - GOV.UK (

For Ukrainians with a sponsor in UK

Homes for Ukraine: sponsor guidance - GOV.UK (

Homes for Ukraine: record your interest - GOV.UK (

Sponsors/hosts needs to have registered with website

Local Authorities are charged with inspecting property and hosts (includes Gas Safety Certificates and DBS checks)

Now find your Ukrainian - aka Matching

This is the missing link. How to reliably find your Ukrainian!

See quote from FAQs below

What do I do if I want to sponsor but don’t know someone?

There are several ways you can help support and sponsor a Ukrainian household if you do not already know anyone in need. A number of charities and non-government organisations are working to offer services to match potential sponsors and Ukrainian households seeking to come to the UK.

From <>

York City of Sanctuary site

Suggest register with York City of Sanctuary site

"Homestay and Befriending Programme - Register of Interest"

Support for Ukrainian People (

You can also opt for just befriending

There are alternatives see Story below

Some seem rather random

Safer ones include York City of Sanctuary but I'm not clear how the process will work

Other info

York City Council

Lots of links to Info and contacts

Refugee support – City of York Council


Guide for frontline services Update 31/3/22

Sanctuary Foundation

Sanctuary Foundation | Supporting New Arrivals from Ukraine

". . . not offering a matching service of any kind, only keeping a record of contact details so they can be used to streamline applications at a later date."

1:30 Video with practical info from organisations and individuals

Ukraine Humanitarian Sponsorship Information Evening

A story from Ukraine

Video from a couple in UA

(1) Facebook

But they were overwhelmed!

"Due to overwhelming response to our form and our limited resources to process it, we are closing this form for now. If you want to offer your home as a sponsor to a Ukrainian, please feel free to use one of the following services: . . .

Quick update from Caroline and Victor. As Liz mentioned they have stopped linking folk up with UK partly because some people have decided they do not want to come so far west and partly because the process is so demanding - translating Ukrainian documents into English and providing proof of residence when you are a refugee who fled at short notice!! Caroline has pointed us to two websites which may be more fruitful for linking UK and Ukrainian families: and Shalom.

Radio 4 You and Yours

A flavour of some of the problems

You and Yours - Zoom fraud, Ukraine visa delays, Childcare Costs - BBC Sounds

10:40 onwards

Bible Society

Scriptures in Russian and Ukrainian!


Ukraine Welcome | Compassionate Communities (

Beyond the Crisis - Providing ongoing support to refugees - Welcome Churches

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