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On the first Sunday of the month we meet to focus on prayer as a church.
We start with tea and coffee served from 10.00.
Then at 10.30 we focus on prayer, and we try to be imaginative and creative by not doing it the same way every month. In the 'lighter' months we'll go out to pray on the streets of our local community.
At 11.30 we gather back together to celebrate Holy Communion, and it's our aim to finish the morning by 12.00.
The First Prayer team would be happy to receive your comments, and to hear of ways in which we can grow together as a church in terms of our passion for prayer.
When our new Small Groups were launched back in February 2017 we always expected them to be the first place for pastoral care, and we hope that that is beginning to happen.
It's part of the natural working out of a Small Group to be 'looking after' one another on a day-to-day basis, and to be the ones who are 'first responders' to any little crisis that might come along.
We know that not everyone in the orbit of this church chooses to be part of one of our Small Groups, but we would encourage everyone to consider putting themselves in one - nobody appears to have come up with a better way of growing, serving and loving yet, so until they do we'll see them as the place where the 'meat' of our spiritual growth and development happens!
Whether you're in the orbit of Christ Church or not; whether you'd consider yourself to be on some sort of 'faith journey' or not, if you have anything you'd like someone here to pray about for you, we'd love to encourage you to get in touch.
Similarly, if you'd like someone to call to arrange to pop round for a chat, let us know; we'd be only too pleased to meet you if we haven't yet!
Jean Taylor
01904 425021
Trisha Reid
01904 421284
Paul Deo
01904 425021 - 07785 317316
Paul Deo
01904 425021 - 07785 317316
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