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Where We Are
Welcome To York

...has been a city by charter for over 800 years.
...has a population of around 200,000. visited each year by around 4 million people.
...has been described as the 'eating capital of England'.
...hosts the famous annual Mystery Plays. legend, York has enough pubs for you to visit a new one each day of the year.
Heworth... a village located just under 2 miles from the city walls.
...has two C of E churches; Holy Trinity and Christ Church.
...boasts two pubs; the Walnut Tree and the Nag's Head.
...has a lovely 'centre' at the junction by Holy Trinity, with a chemist, cafes, a primary school and a handful of shops.
Our Parish...
...serves a geographical population of around 5,000 people.
...encompases a primary school.
...has been a parish in its own right since 1998.

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It's about living day-to-day lives in a way that reflects that we're people seeking to love God with everything we've got. 
Meeting together regularly to express that love is one of the most important things to us, and where we create space and time to let God know our desire is to love him.
It's the way we try to stay 'in sync' with the God we seek to love.
We aim to pray, talk with God, daily in our own lives and regularly together, either in small groups, house groups or on a Sunday.
God exists in relationship with his people, and as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. So we need to be connected; to him, to each other and to those in the world in which we live.
Healthy things grow, and we want to be healthy. Growing spiritually, emotionally, socially and in our relationships with God, each other and the wider world, is something we feel passionate about.
It's a recognition that part of our worship is cashed out in serving others, so we seek to discover and develop our gifts, then look for chances to deploy them.

And the very best way to start trying to live some of this stuff out is in the context of a Small Group. Have a chat with me about joining one!

What We Do
Our Key Values

Who We Are
Meet Some Real People

Rev. Paul Deo
Vicar; PCC Chair
01904 269054

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Mick Anderson
Hire of building  01904 426122

Gordon Reid
Jane Kasiuk
Safeguarding Officer 01904 424164
PCC Secretary
Jean Taylor
Pastoral Assistant
01904 425021
Les Bingham
Lay Reader
01904 274644
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Amanda Gill

Prayer Chain

07885 412008

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Olga Bielby
Electoral Roll Officer
01904 415033
Our Wardens Team
Mick Anderson
Ave Anderson
gordon reid_edited.jpg
Gordon Reid
Jim T.jpg
Jim Taylor

Margaret Frost

Miranda Smith

Mary Wood

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