1. All church buildings are officially closed. We can only enter them for necessary maintenance reasons. We can't run worship gatherings in them, nor anything else, until we hear differently from the Church of England.
2. Christ Church is still functioning. We have a means in place whereby everyone we know in the church orbit has someone 'assigned' to look in on them and let them know they are looked out for. There are slips available for anyone to fill in and post, to offer to help in ways that we can.
3. I'm posting a short 'Touching Base' video clip each day, both here on the website and also on mine and the church's Facebook pages, in the hope that there's still a sense of 'coming together' (albeit perhaps at different times through the day).
4. We are still praying for those we have been praying for; hoping to be as well informed as possible. Some of us are praying more widely - for our community, our city, our nation, our world.
5. We are receiving updates almost daily from the Church of England via email, and are taking the contents into consideration as we look forward, though not very for forward, into the future.
6. In the light of all this, the APCM/AMP scheduled for April 1st is postponed. The Archbishop has officially given permission for them to happen later in the year, but no later than the end of October. (I'm hoping that those who have been in elected positions might see fit to continue to the extent that we are able, as long as that is constitutional).
I'll do all I can to keep you informed with any developments as they happen. These are unprecedented times - we're doing all we believe we can! But if you can think of ways we can help that we haven't thought of, we'd be glad to hear them! 
Touching Base...
Monday of Holy Week
"And I'm still waiting..."
Diana Ross
Today's 'DIY Worship':
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Hello Sunday:
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Christ Church
Policy 2019

A bit about the Vicar...

Paul was appointed Vicar at

Christ Church back in

September 2012. Ordained

in 1997, he spent the

previous 16 years as school

teacher, mainly in

Bradford, but began his

teaching career in Clifford.

After his curacy he became Vicar of Laisterdke and Tyersal in 2000 and was appointed by The Bishop of Bradford to be 'Mission Priest' in the parish of Baildon in 2006.

A teacher of PE and a keen sportsman in his younger days, Paul still plays golf with a handicap of 16, and is a member at York Golf Club in Strensall. He has served as Club Chaplain for both Bradford City FC and York City FC, but slipped out of Sports Chaplaincy to become honorary Chaplain at Archbishop Holgate's School here in York in September 2018.

Heworth Christ Church

Stockton Lane, York YO31 1JG

opposite the ends of Algarth Road and Ashley Park Road

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In the coming year we're being invited to say "I Have Decided" to what it means to be disciples of Jesus Christ and the people of God, 'the church'.

Paul presented 'Visioncast 2019' after the APCM and has encouraged each of us to say "I Have Decided" by signing a card and placing it in the box at church. To do this shows that we are happy to be part of a group of people who are 'accountable' to one another (and to God!) for playing our full part as a disciple in the local church.

Watch this video, hear what Paul said, take a card, fill it in and say for yourself, "I Have Decided!" And then join in!

We're up to 50 - and counting!

Visioncast 2019 - Paul Deo
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